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We just finished David Tennant’s run. So sad. I hope this Matt Smith character is at least as awesome as this little baby girl Doctor.

via carnivaloftherandom:






The Dalek

(the aka link has a LOT more pics and excellent anecdotes.  Also, this wee bb is female*, and I am kind of loving the fact that her* parents weren’t like “all right, guess it’s companions for her.”  NO.  She’s the mothereffing Doctor.  And she gets to meet the actors she’s dressing up as!

…no, I’m not at all jealous of this wee little bit.  Nope.  *snif*

(*as far as we know now)

OMG, that is awesome!

We still haven’t let our guy watch any Doctor Who, because franky, they’re too scary for him and fairly adult in concept these days. We might start him off in a year or so on some Four, see how he likes that.

This. So much. WOW.

(via dreamyeyed)

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