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Hello there! I'm Ryan Penagos aka Agent M! I'm the Executive Editorial Director for Marvel Digital Media Group and What does that mean? Well, I write and edit and travel and tweet and do some pretty cool stuff for all things Marvel. It's a rad gig.

I live with my darling wife Elizabeth and our four fabulous kitties (Lucy, Maybellene, Lola & Brian Eno).

This is my Tumblr blog. It'll be full of cute animals, comics, video games, tattoos, lotsa Marvel stuff and much more. Enjoy!

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Unless something here is from, no posts or opinions or ideas are officially affiliated with Marvel. This is my personal blog. Blah blah blah legal flim flam.

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I’ve been at Marvel Studios today and my friend Todd Casey, Director of Development for Marvel Animation, is letting me use his office while he’s off-site. He’s got these two AMAZING blacklight Marvel posters in his office that I am oh so very tempted to take back to NYC with me. ’70s Marvel Comics, yo. Totally cray cray.

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