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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi! I don't know if you could share the link, but I think I saw covers of the Hulk sporting an Abe Lincoln beard (goatee? idk) and another one was him signing a scroll stuff? Were those for a new Hulk series? I can't seem to find it on the Marvel website. Plz help
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:

Those are a series of variant covers to Indestructible Hulk #11-#15. That’s the S.M.A.S.H. Time arc and the art on those covers is by Mike Del Mundo.






All credit on this answer goes to Marvel Comics PR dude Chris D’Lando!


Classic Transformers box art

These Transformers images bring me much joy. They remind me of being a kid. They were posters as well as box art, IIRC. So rad.

(via thetransformers)

Probably my favorite of our movie posters. My Guardians!

via marvelentertainment:

You’re welcome.

Frazetta + LOTR = the best thing

via brianmichaelbendis:


The Lord of the Rings by Frank Frazetta

The awesome artwork in the restroom at Z’otz coffee shop in New Orleans.

Loki and Thor by Scott C!

via @scottlava:

I never wanted the throne, I only ever wanted to be your equal!”

Best #Avengers poster or BEST Avengers poster? @skottieyoung is wins again. #MarvelSDCC #SDCC #comics #Marvel #art #film

Young #CaptainAmerica by @skottieyoung on the wall at @ThePalmSanDiego. So great. #MarvelSDCC #SDCC #comics #Marvel #art (at Palm Restaurant)

I love fine art.
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I love fine art.

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Love all the facts I learned about MOTU from this!

via vhsnotebook:

Another dimension invades Earth and one invader wears no pants in MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

Agnes is amazing.

via agnesgarbowska:

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming watercolour painting! I am so happy with how this game out. All the characters were really fun to draw! I hope everyone enjoys this piece as much as I do. New print for 2013. :)

Other paintings being worked on:

Avengers at the park - Complete!!!

Batgirls, Robins, and a Nightwing Digital Pencils (Done in Sketchbook Pro)

My 2013 Winter/Spring Convention Schedule


by philnoto:

Megan Gwynn “Pixie” 

My in-flight reading. #LOTR #art #Tolkien

Season’s Greetings From Asgard!

By my friend Brian Crosby who does…seeeekrit stuff. See more on!


via tonymoore:

I’m not saying this is necessarily the best panel i’ve drawn recently, but it’s one of the most fun.