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You guys. X-MEN #1 by Brian Wood, Olivier Coipel & Laura Martin featuring Storm, Rogue, Rachel Grey, Kitty Pryde, Jubilee & Psylocke. April 2013. SO EXCITED. 

More info about X-MEN in this interview with Brian Wood.

I took this photo with my iPad. I intentionally left Deadpool’s hand holding an uzi in the shot. It just felt…right.

via marvelentertainment:

Kitty Pryde and Lockheed statue, along with so very many comic books, in Marvel Vice President John Cerilli’s office at Marvel HQ. 

When we give the occasional tour of Marvel HQ to someone we’re interviewing for an episode of This Week in Marvel, John Cerilli’s office is always a fun stop. His office is like a mini Marvel library…with toys…and candy.

MARVEL COSPLAY MANIA! kelldar rocks!

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Some of my Marvel costumes :)


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Reblog this post and you are entered to WIN one of these three newest Marvel / X-Men tees! Fancy Lockheed! Gen X Jubilee! Mr. Sinister! One of them could be yours!

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Mighty Fine Tees’ X-Men art nouveau series by Megan Lara. I’m having a hard time picking my favorite. They’re all terrific. All three t-shirts are available now at

Brandon Graham wins. AGAIN.




Floating Pryde by ~royalboiler

Things I love in this piece:

- Moon Knight confused by Galactus hugging the moon.

- Magneto saying “Dude, isn’t she like 17?” to Charles.

omg! i didn’t even see moon knight!

Logan’s Angels of Fury by Phil Noto. 

Logan’s Angels of Fury by Phil Noto

A page from MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN (current series) #7 by Paul Tobin & Jacopo Camagni. MA SPIDER-MAN and MARVEL ADVENTURES SUPER HEROES are two of my favorite comics series in years. I hate hate HATE the fact that many hardcore fans write them off because they’re “all ages” or “not in continuity” or whatever. They’re just exceptionally fun and entertaining super hero comics. You like comics? You’ll like these. The end.

ShadowCAT and kitty Lockheed by Katie Cook. I love how Katie and Chris are playing off each other and creating these adorably awesome MRVLCATS.

Kitty Pryde and Lockheed by Chris Eliopoulos! A half-dragon, half-cat with wings would be both amazingly awesome and horribly, horribly dangerous.