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Here we go.

via marvelentertainment:

Here is the first official photo from Iron Man 3, which opens May 3, 2013. 

More details about the start of production can be found on

That’s the tasty juice!

via marvelentertainment:

First post!

Agent M here, welcoming you to the official Marvel Tumblr. We’ve been working to get this up and running for a while and we’re happy to kick things off on Marvel’s big Social Media Appreciation Day. We’ve got exclusive art and reveals hitting @Marvel on Twitter and Marvel’s Facebook all day, and we’ll have some cool stuff for the Tumblr community as well. 

Thanks for following us and thanks for still believing in heroes, Marvelites.

Reason #100769876087 why I love our fans? They make animated gifs of everything and they do it well and they do it INSTANTLY. Love this gif of RDJ and our host Tamara Krinsky from the red carpet world premiere of Marvel’s The Avengers

(via time-lady-of-bag-end)

The sixth of our new posters for Marvel’s The Avengers.

More details!

Captain America & Hawkeye poster

Nick Fury & Maria Hill poster

Thor & Black Widow poster

Hulk & Hawkeye poster

Black Widow & Captain America

Which is your favorite of these posters?

BOOM! A new poster Marvel’s The Avengers!

New trailer hits tomorrow. Get ready!

First, full, official trailer to Marvel’s The Avengers. 

The film hits theaters on May 4, 2012.

Check out more rad Avengersness on the official Avengers site,

The first 7 official photos from Marvel’s The Avengers film, which opens on May 4, 2012.

That photo where Black Widow and Hawkeye are doing their ultimate badass gun and bow shooting thing? I was on that set. When I can tell you more, oh boy, I will.

MUCH more coming…

Also, keep your eyes on

Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Cobie Smulders, Tom Hiddleston & Kevin Feige on stage at D23 2011.

So happy. So attractive. So awesome. 

Avengers Assemble!

Pics and the liveblog of our Avengers event here.

Robert Downey Jr. LIKE A BOSS. On stage at D23 The Avengers crew, making the crowd blow the roof off the joint.

Like a boss.

This was taken (not by one of my peoples, mind you) at Hasbro’s showroom during Toy Fair 2010.

Here’s an RDJ-less video I filmed at this year’s Toy Fair (tumblr folks, you probably won’t see this on your dashboard, but it’s on the live blog…weird):

(via squoctobird)

Robert Downey Jr. was in the crowd for UFC 120 and totally loving it! More here.

Marvel Studios’ The Avengers: The Intros

Robert Downey Jr. & Samuel L Jackson introducing the cast of the movie and director Joss Whedon. PLUS! The official movie logo!

Robert Downey Jr. introducing the Renner, Ruffalo & Whedon as part of the “Marvel Studios’ The Avengers” crew at Comic-Con. He nearly drove fans into a frenzy. Also, I wish I had his style and the ability to pull it off. My Marvel Studios Panel liveblog.

Also, this. #TheAvengers Comic-Con #SDCC #partytimeexcellent

Seriously, look at RDJ. It’s only gonna get better.

The Avengers! From the @Marvel Studios panel at Comic-Con (L-R): Robert Downey Jr., Clark Gregg, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, director Joss Whedon and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

Iron Man, Agent Coulson, Black Widow, Thor, Captain America, Nick Fury, Hawkeye and Hulk. Boom. We win. Another photo and more details on