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Just another normal day at Marvel HQ. 

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nickdrakeStan Lee

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Would you wrather have a years supply of tacos or be Stan Lee for a year?
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:

The question is a fallacy. No one could be Stan Lee but Stan Lee. 



Photo by Joseph Chi Lin.

Stan Lee on a Harley-Davidson at the red carpet world premiere of Marvel’s The Avengers!

U jelly of my ridiculous and awesome Stan Lee t-shirt? (Taken with instagram)

If someone’s putting together a time capsule, all they need from the 1970s is this photo.

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Stan Lee and The Hulk Lou Ferrigno

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Shatner’s cool and all, but Stan Lee > Shatner. Stan Lee > all.

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William Shatner and Stan Lee

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STAN LEE! 89 years young and still as sharp as ever!

I’ve met, interviewed and chatted with Stan a buncha times. He’s really as amazing as you expect him to be.

Celebrate Stan Lee day by reading many of Stan’s Marvel Comics masterpieces.

What’s your favorite Stan Lee comic?

Happy Veterans Day back at ya Cap. One of the greatest moments of my life was telling Stan Lee about how Cap was part of my inspiration to join the Army and after he looked at me and said,

“Cap would be proud to hear you say that son”. Thank you Marvel and Thank you Stan Lee.

Marvel fan Rick Calderez, in response to Marvel’s Happy Veterans Day post from Captain America. (via dreamyeyed)

Our Halloween 2009 episode of Marvel Super Heroes: What The—?!, “Thriller-er.”

Narrated by Stan Lee. Seriously. It’s quite amazing.

By the amazingly talented crew of Alex KropinakJesse FalconBen Morse and more.

Watch more episodes of What The—?!

Stan Lee and a young Captain America on stage at Marvel’s New York Comic Con 2011 booth. If you look closely, you’ll notice Stan signed young Cap’s shield. EXCELSIOR!

Photo by Nicole Ciaramella.

Stan “The Man” Lee. BAMF.

Photo by Nicole Ciaramella.

Stan Lee and a giant group of Marvel cosplayers (and George Perez!) at Dragon*con.

Photos by Judy Stephens.

Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye and Stan Lee on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier deck at Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con booth!

Miracole & Chris Burns are the cosplayers, Stan’s the Man and Judy Stephens took the photos!