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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do Storm feel underrated to you?
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:

I dunno. She’s Storm. We all know she’s, like, one of the coolest and best super heroes. She has her own title right now. I’d say she’s rated pretty highly. 


Saturday afternoon reading: #Storm, #Deadpool, #Daredevil and Ultimates. #NextWeeksMarvels #comics #Marvel

SOOOOOO so rad to have Adrian Alphona and Christina Strain art in our new comics, even for just a few pages.



UNCANNY X-FORCE issue 5 on-sale Wed, 5/29!

Myself, Adrian Alphona, Dexter Soy, and Christina Strain take you on a bad trip into Bishop’s broken braaaaaain.


(via samhumphries)

Rogue and Mohawk Storm! So cute! 

by mikemaihack:

A couple of 80’s X-gals.

You guys. X-MEN #1 by Brian Wood, Olivier Coipel & Laura Martin featuring Storm, Rogue, Rachel Grey, Kitty Pryde, Jubilee & Psylocke. April 2013. SO EXCITED. 

More info about X-MEN in this interview with Brian Wood.

New favorite Tumblr? New favorite Tumblr!

via fyeahmohawkstorm:

“If you read any X-Men comics in the 80′s, you probably have a soft spot for mohawk Storm. I also have a soft spot for Janet Jackson, so the two seem like a natural fit.”

Storm by the main main Cliff Chiang!

Oh my good lord, that Cable and Deadpool shirt is just going to murder me with its adorableness. Nicole - please save me one!

via welovefineshirts:

Just added to our arsenal of Marvel kawaii chibi awesomeness: Storm, Magneto and Mystique! Mens and womens tees available!

Browse the Chibi collection NOW at!

Phoenix, Wolverine & Storm by/via leinilyu:

I did a piece for a Marvel foldout book.  It’s a Jim Lee era  x-men piece.  It’s cool to sort of pay tribute to one of my (and everyone else’s) all time favorite artist.  


According to the Marvel BLiP video game blog, Storm’s Mohawk look is available as a pre-order bonus from GameStop (Xbox 360PlayStation 3). In addition to Storm, you get:

X-Men Evolution X-23

Street Fighter Alpha Chun-Li

Casual Friday Morrigan:

Storm by Adrian Alphona. Adrian is one of my favorite artists and this is just absolutely gorgeous. Kudos to Brett White for gettin’ this! Check out his other NYCC commissions for more great art.

via digsyfinallyhasa:



I decided to focus on commissioning artwork at this year’s NYCC. Let’s face facts: I can (and do) buy comics all year long, everywhere, for reasonable prices. I can do without splurging and buying 20 comics at NYCC (I only bought 13…). So I spent a hefty sum getting artwork done. Worth it. It’s still so…awesome to get your favorite artists, the guys and gals whose work you admire constantly online and in print, to do something FOR you, that only YOU have. 

I’ve been a fan of Adrian Alphona’s since his work on Marvel’s Runaways. What I like most about his art is that he excels at body language and facial expressions, as well as drawing actual clothing. Not spandex, clothing that looks like these characters bought it and are wearing it. Real clothing. I had him draw my favorite version of Storm and, duh, I think he killed it. I think he did a great job. I think he gave me the ONLY version of mohawk Storm that I will ever need. 

Check out Adrian’s website here and his art blog here.

Storm (with mohawk) and Cyclops making out on the cover of ASTONISHING X-MEN #44! WHAAT?!

Art by Mike McKone! Today we premiered this cover and announced that Greg Pak is taking over as writer of ASTONISHING X-MEN. That, my friends, is awesome news. That’s one helluva creative team.

’80s X-Men (and New Mutants!) by Cliff Chiang.

Cliff. Just stop it. I see stuff like this and I get angry that you’re not drawing for us.


We started a new column on, called X-Perts, focused on X-Men characters. Check it: 

This July, X-MEN: SCHISM kicks off a startling metamorphosis in the mutant corner of the Marvel Universe that will split the Children of the Atom and lead to ReGenesis in the fall along with two new ongoing series, each featuring it’s own distinctive team: UNCANNY X-MEN and WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN.

With change in the air, here on we’ll be regularly gathering the creators and editors responsible for guiding the X-Men’s destiny to dissect each of their charges to examine what makes them tick and perhaps lend some insight into where they will find themselves once the Schism ends and the ReGenesis gets underway.

This week, we turn our attention to Ororo Munroe, aka Storm, a charter member of the X-Men’s “second generation” who served as one of the team’s most respected leaders and has seen every corner of life from being a child pickpocket to the current Queen of Wakanda.

More on

Storm sketch that brilliantly talented artist Jamie McKelvie did for me. So great! Thanks, Jamie!

By Cliff Chiang. CLIFF CHIANG! Good lord.

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