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I live with my darling wife Elizabeth and our four fabulous kitties (Lucy, Maybellene, Lola & Brian Eno).

This is my Tumblr blog. It'll be full of cute animals, comics, video games, tattoos, lotsa Marvel stuff and much more. Enjoy!

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Are you visiting the Age of Ultron set any time soon? If so, will you post pictures?
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:

Most likely, yes. When? I’m not sure. I always read the script of the film before I go to the set, and I haven’t done that yet for Avengers: Age of Ultron. But I know the story already. So I’m ready if I need to go on a whim. 

As for pictures—no. Unless by some crazy turn of events, we’re okay with me posting photos from the visit, I won’t ever post pics from our closed sets.

Although, there is this photo of me sitting in Coulson’s chair on the Bus set for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


And I did get to take a pic with Wolverine a few years ago.


Happy Thanksgiving

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Remembering that time I visited the set of The Wolverine and got to pop the Wolverine claws with Hugh Jackman. Hot damn, that was awesome. Hugh’s the real deal, folks. Super nice, super cool.

Barry Windsor-Smith X-Men and Wolverine just makes me so happy. Man’s a master.

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Uncanny X-Men #205, by Chris Claremont and Barry Windsor Smith. 

Marvel NOW! gets MAD! June 2013.

New image from the set of The Wolverine!!!

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"Hey. Logan. Hey. Hey. Hey, Logan. Hey. Logan. Logan. Loooogaaaaaaan. Hey. Hey. Hey hey, Logan. Logan? Logan! Hey! Hey. Hey, it’s Scott. Hey."
Cyclops just loves annoying Wolverine.

"Hey. Logan. Hey. Hey. Hey, Logan. Hey. Logan. Logan. Loooogaaaaaaan. Hey. Hey. Hey hey, Logan. Logan? Logan! Hey! Hey. Hey, it’s Scott. Hey."

Cyclops just loves annoying Wolverine.

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Never forget.

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If we don’t find a way to make DOOP brass knuckles in 2013, I will be very cross. This is from #Wolverine and the #XMen #23 by @jasonaaron & Nick Bradshaw and, obviously, it’s a comic you will want to read when it comes out on January 9.

Wolverine MAX + Jock = awesssssssssssssomeness!

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Tumblr Exclusive! Check it out, Marvelites, you’re the first to see this upcoming comic book cover to Wolverine Max #6 by Jock. Look for more Marvel premieres, right here on Tumblr!

Dear Marvel fans: this is part of the intro cinematic to Avengers: Battle For Earth, the rad new game for Xbox 360 with Kinect and WiiU. It’s tons of fun and full of crazy awesome stuff such as this throughout.

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what is this!!!!?!?!?


What indeed!

Me, Hugh Jackman and The Wolverine director Jim Mangold after our The Wolverine Live chat from the set of the film in Sydney, Australia. These guys are ridiculously great. 

You can rewatch the chat at

I debuted this on Twitter this morning and have to say how freaking psyched I am for this movie. I was on the set in Australia last month and I’ve seen Hugh in action—that photo is 100% legit.

Mr. Jackman is incredibly fit and in shape for this film. I actually saw some other photos the wonderful unit photographer took and was kinda scared. Jackman’s a wildman. He was doing push-ups and curling weights between takes. Seriously, you guys, VERY EXCITED.

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Check it out, bub, here’s the first official photo of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in next year’s The Wolverine film, as debuted on @AgentM’s Twitter.

Stay tuned for much more about The Wolverine in the coming months!



Check out the latest piece of Marvel vs. Capcom Origins tribute art by Capcom Japan artist Shinkiro!

A remake of the North American MegaMan 2 box art, this will be included along with the Infinity Gauntlet art as a double-sided poster at PAX Prime this weekend!

A new piece of tribute art will be released in the upcoming weeks. What artwork would you like to see used as a tribute for MvC Origins?

And be on the lookout for MvC Origins, coming this fall to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation®Network!

You’ll be hearing tons about Marvel NOW! in the coming months. This image, by Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, is a cool teaser and just the tip of the iceberg. Read the full interview on and stay tuned to and the Marvel social channels during Comic-Con next week for more! Who do you think should be on the Uncanny Avengers team?

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Beginning in October 2012, Marvel starts a bold new chapter in its history, with Marvel NOW!, a publishing initiative extending into 2013 that will touch every major Marvel character from the Avengers to the X-Men to Spider-Man to the Fantastic Four and beyond. spoke with Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and Senior VP – Executive Editor Tom Brevoort to get all the details on what to expect from Marvel NOW! In your words, what is Marvel NOW!?

Axel Alonso: Marvel NOW! is the next chapter in the ongoing saga of the Marvel Universe. From October through February, we’ll provide at least one great reason for readers—old, lapsed or new—to go into a comic store each week: a new issue #1, featuring an exciting new creative team and driving concept, that’s an easy entry-point into the Marvel Universe. Each and every one of these launches is built to last.

Tom Brevoort: Marvel NOW! is a coordinated creative refresh across our entire publishing line, a unique moment in which the creative reins on virtually all of our quintessential series are being passed from one person to another. As a result, there’ll be both the excitement and uncertainty of seeing a new creative partnership handle characters and series that have been in other hands consistently for many years. And at the same time, this is the perfect instance for readers both new and lapsed to dip their toes back into the Marvel pool, in that all of these creators are going to be beginning their story-cycles during this time, so it’s about a clean a point of entry as there’s ever likely to be.

Joe Quesada: Marvel NOW! is the next step in Marvel story evolution and character evolution. It’s not a reboot. It is a universe-shifting catch-all, which really just tells fans that if you enjoyed Avengers vs. X-Men, get ready for what the outcome is because there’s some major, major changes coming to the Marvel Universe. A lot of changes to the character status quos, alter egos, costumes, creator shifts, design shifts, the way that we do our covers, digital shifts and the way we start delivering our books. We’re continuing with our evolution push as we start to embrace more and more of the digital world and its technology; the sky’s the limit with Infinite Comics, AR, and all sorts of things. As the technology changes we’re going to change with it and our fans are going to eventually tell us what it is that they really love out of all those things that we’re playing with. But it’s a big shift because it’s not just story and character. There’s also the way we tell our stories and the way we deliver our stories that are starting to change as well.

For the full interview, head over to