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I live with my darling wife Elizabeth and our four fabulous kitties (Lucy, Maybellene, Lola & Brian Eno).

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If you’re not reading Black Widow, you’re missing a HELLUVA great comic. And #11, out this Wednesday? So damn good. Noto and Edmondson just killing it. #comics #Marvel #BlackWidow #X23

Hellllllll yeah! #Thor #1 (with the lady Thor *gasp*) and a huge stack of #Marvel #comics & collections welcoming me back to the office.

Reading Mystic for #ThisWeekinMarvel #TWIMURC. One of my favorites by @gwillowwilson & @davizlopez. #comics #Marvel

You tell ‘em, Vic. #comics

Welp, @TraddMoore & Matthew Wilson win Best Comic Book Cover Ever with this Secret #Avengers #MODOK jam. #comics #NextWeeksMarvels #Marvel

Amazing cosplay of Thor and the Odinson! 

via tabbytyler:

The Worthy and the Fallen

My husband Sean Pierce and I as New Thor and Unworthy Thor at Dragoncon 2014! Photo And effects by Greg Larro!!!

(via marvelentertainment)

THIS COMIC IS SO FRIGGIN’ GOOD! Well done, @jasonlatour @RobbiRodriguez & team. On sale September 17. #NextWeeksMarvels #Marvel #comics #SpiderVerse

This is all the @DisneyInfinity stuff that came today. #gaming #Marvel #comics #DisneyInfinity

Hey @paulscheer, your #Deadpool comic hit #Marvel HQ! Quite excited! #NextWeeksMarvels #comics

Carnage by Tony Moore. That’ll do.

by/via tonymoore:

i had never drawn Carnage before, so this was a fun commission. From C2E2.

i’m reblogging this from awyeahcomics, because he always seems to somehow get hold of scans of my con sketches before i do.

I love the way Adrian Alphona draws Lockjaw so much that it kinda makes my heart hurt that I can’t hug Lockjaw IRL. Another great Ms. Marvel issue! #comics #NextWeeksMarvels #Marvel

Asker harmonica89 Asks:
Hey i just saw the 60s/70s recap and its really cool. are there any plans of doing those short documentary videos for character backgrounds and classic storylines? i think it would be a tool to get potential new readers to quickly catch up on thesometimes overwhelming continuity.
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:

Thanks! Yeah, we’ve discussed doing more. Time and money and the bandwidth to do those and everything else is always a factor. Maybe in the future!

Here’s the video, for those who’ve not seen it!

Asker janefoster Asks:
I just had wisdom tooth surgery a few hours ago and I think it's a darn shame there isn't a Wisdom gem in the Infinity Gauntlet. Or, maybe there is, disguised in the form of a tooth...
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:

The Mind Gem seems like a close fit, yeah? 


Minecraft Spider-Man skins pack code for Xbox 360: CT77K-GGFMT-WX3FG-22HYV-6QXHZ

Redeem on Xbox Live or First come, first served, etc.

Asker jstudz Asks:
With Annihilation getting it's own Omnibus, is there plans for an Annihilation Conquest one anytime soon?
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:

I dunno, I guess there’s a chance? Unless a collection has been officially announced and solicited, I got nuthin’. 


Minecraft Spider-Man skins pack code for Xbox 360: TVFGH-67WWW-2XYCK-FXWH3-3DFMZ

Redeem on Xbox Live or First come, first served, etc.

And #NextWeeksMarvels is paaaaacked with great new #comics! #Marvel #perksofthejob