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I live with my darling wife Elizabeth and our four fabulous kitties (Lucy, Maybellene, Lola & Brian Eno).

This is my Tumblr blog. It'll be full of cute animals, comics, video games, tattoos, lotsa Marvel stuff and much more. Enjoy!

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey Ryan looking to get a comic tattoo in NY any suggestions?
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:

Do you want a suggestion for an artist or for the tattoo? Or both?

I only have one full comic book related tattoo:


Godzilla vs Fin Fang Foom. That pic was taken while it was peeling.

It, and most of my tattoos, were done by the mighty Dave C. Wallin at Eight of Swords Tattoo in Brooklyn. He gets all my recommendations. If you go there, tell him I sent you and that you need to eat tacos with him. We always eat tacos together when I get tattooed there.

Loki male costume Xbox Avatar code: FFWYJ-R7VF3-YXHJ2-4XFFQ-76VRZ
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
what do you think would make a better tattoo the SHIELD logo or Iron Man's helmet?
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:

S.H.I.E.L.D. logo! Or a full-body Yakuza style dragon piece but it’s Fin Fang Foom. Either of those.


Godzilla and Fin Fang Foom are peeling. #tattoos

My Godzilla vs Fin Fang Foom tattoo by @eightofswords is done! Maybe. Gonna let it heal and then decide if it needs more. Woo! I live it! #tattoos

In-progress shot of the new Godzilla vs Fin Fang Foom tattoo. Juicy! #tattoos

It’s @eightofswords tattooing me! #tattoos

Stencil of my new tattoo by @eightofswords: Godzilla & Fin Fang Foom. #tattoos

Yo. This Skottie Young Groot & Rocket Raccoon tattoo is THE BUSINESS!

via fuckyeahtattoos:

Back in December, I sent you posted a picture of the outline and shading, so I thought I’d send an updated picture now that it’s all finished. After 12 hours and three sessions, my Rocket Raccoon and Groot (based off of AWESOME Skottie Young art) is finally complete! Thanks to Mike at West Side Tattoo ( Colorado Springs for doing such amazing work! 

Got my @Xbox #E3 wristband. I wish they used snap bracelets. (Taken with instagram)

Brandyn Brinson’s Avengers logo tattoo!


If you have an Avengers logo tattoo, hollllaaaaa.

Dave C. Wallin, the amazing tattoo artist who’s done most of my tattoo work, is having a zombie art show at his shop, Eight of Swords. It opens Thursday April 5, 7pm at 115 Grand St. in Williamsburg Brooklyn. 

I need to talk to him about my next tattoo. It’s been far too long.

This dude @lukecaporn on Twitter reps Avengers hardcore with a killer wrist tattoo! Assemble!

If, tomorrow, when I’m hanging out with Joss Whedon for the Avengers Global Fan Chat, he asks me to go get Avengers tattoos with him, I’d do it.

A hamster portrayed as jason by scott falbo via fuckyeahtattoos:

Okay fandom, who else has or is getting an Avengers tattoo before May 4, 2012? 



(Wait. What? I’m not? This at least qualifies me for honorary status though, right?)

A tattoo of Wolverine riding a My Little Pony pony? Give that guy an Internet medal.

via metropolismarvel:


I want this tattoo.


(via ohmygil)