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Hello there! I'm Ryan Penagos aka Agent M! I'm the Executive Editorial Director for Marvel Digital Media Group and What does that mean? Well, I write and edit and travel and tweet and do some pretty cool stuff for all things Marvel. It's a rad gig.

I live with my darling wife Elizabeth and our four fabulous kitties (Lucy, Maybellene, Lola & Brian Eno).

This is my Tumblr blog. It'll be full of cute animals, comics, video games, tattoos, lotsa Marvel stuff and much more. Enjoy!

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I don´t know if you have already been asked this but: What was your reaction to Undertakers loss at Wrestlemania and what do you think about it now? (I´m still disappointed :/)
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:

I was okay with it then, I’m okay with it now. Wish it was a better match, but Taker can do what Taker wants to do.


Asker markgodbyart Asks:
Since you just attended WrestleMania 30, what current WWE Superstars could you see in the Marvel U? Like The Shield joining... S.H.I.E.L.D. etc.
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:

So, the WWE superstars’ characters as if they’re in the Marvel U? 

John Cena could be a temporary Captain America replacement.

Bray Wyatt would lead a new Masters of Evil.

Ryback vs Thor

Somehow Kofi Kingston gets Spider-Man powers.

Paul Heyman & Loki = BFFs


Asker Anonymous Asks:
What did you think about the Taker match?
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:

It was okay. Not everyone’s best work, but it had some good moments. And the ending? OH MAN. I was so shocked and fully into it.

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Watch Daniel Bryan, one of my favorite wrestlers, talk about Captain America & Guardians of the Galaxy at WrestleMania.

Watch WWE superstar Rey Mysterio geek out about Captain America and his super hero inspired wrestling gear.

Yes, it’s @TripleH in a #RocketRaccoon mask. #GuardiansoftheGalaxy #CaptainAmerica #comics #Marvel #wrestling

Watch me and my friend, and former Marvel Comics editor, Aubrey Sitterson talk about wrestling on his show Straight Shoot. I’ll drop a fun little bit of news about WrestleMania on the show.

More info on Straight Shoot here.

5 things I want from the WWE Network…once they get the bugs fixed.

- A queue. There are so many great shows and events and hidden gems, I know I’ll see something I want to watch, but forget about it. A queue would be killer.
- “Search by superstar” search function. If I just want to find Dynamite Kid matches, make it so! I bet WWE has plenty of metadata, and if they can mark highlights in the shows, they can probably go deeper. And the results would need to lead you right to the match, not just the show.
- “Search by match type” search function. Like above, it would be great. Just strap matches? Just ladder matches? Just War Games? Gimme gimme.
- Expand library to include “supercard” type shows such as Clash of the Champions and Saturday Night’s Main Event. I think there’s some of these types of shows, but they’re tough to find and not as deep yet.
- Resume function to keep watching where you left off. Maybe this is there, but it’s not working yet from what I’ve seen.

Asker tferebnu Asks:
How about that Elimination Chamber?
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:


Asker Anonymous Asks:
Speaking of awesome PWG wrestling, did you ever pimp out your Fire Pro Wrestling Returns game with those save files and logos and the likes?
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:

I sure did! I actually got a PS2 from a friend, bought the game, and jumped through all kinds of hoops to get Fire Pro Wrestling Returns all tricked out. And, like, a week or two later Sony added it to PS3. 

But I was able to bring all the magic over. Gosh, I love that series so much.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:

HBK. I just like his match style more. Both are great heels, and HBK’s a better babyface. 


Asker zerodrop Asks:
Hi there Agent M! I haven't followed the WWE TV shows since Spike Dudly and Molly Holly started going out, but I still really like the video games. Any recommendations on a PS3 WWE game with a good storyline for created characters?
agentmlovestacos agentmlovestacos Said:

I like WWE2K14 a bunch, and I’m pretty sure it was the game I put the most hours into last year. It has a Universe mode, which allows you to create your own stories, rivalries, shows, brands, etc. 

I get super crazy with this. In my Universe mode, there’s a wrestling show every night of the week, with a PPV every Sunday. Basically six different promotions. 

Anyway, it’s worth checking out.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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If I get the WWE Network, will I be able to watch an endless stream of Brock Lesnar Shooting Star Press spots?

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Brock Lesnar executing a Shooting Star Press

also known as “Death From Above”

also known as “Are We Entirely Sure That Man Is Still Alive?”

also known as “Holy Shit Did Anyone Explain Physics to a Man This Large?”

also known as “No Because Science Was Too Scared”

I just want to remind everyone that this happened.

…May God help us all.

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